Whattaroll was born out of the motto, “Having a crush on film photography.” It’s inspired by the fact that many young people have been rediscovering analogue photography in the past decade or so, and ultimately falling in love with it. With this in mind, our team decided to inspire our fellow young photographers to go “back to basics” and shoot with film. Even though many professional photographers are still working with analogue techniques, not all of them seem to be keen on sharing their experience and expertise with others, especially with budding photographers who are already working with digital gear.

More and more talented young photographers around the world feel overwhelmed by the almost religious cult of digital technology. Whattaroll, as a magazine which celebrates, promotes, and makes film photography more accessible to everyone, aims to address this by serving as a source of information and inspiration for anyone who wishes to explore this unique photographic medium.

While our goal is to produce Whattaroll as a tangible print magazine in the future, starting out with digital issues is our way of establishing our publication and reaching out to our readers and fellow film photographers across the globe. We would like to encourage all photographers, and also people who are yet to try their hands on photography, to take an interest in analogue image-making. Through our publication, we aim to focus on the uniqueness and specifics of photography on film.