Whattaroll is an online magazine that wants to promote film photography!

In the crowded world of photography magazines, a tiny light has emerged, and we are proud to say it is a cool one! Digital pictures are all over the place, but now we proudly present the most exciting magazine about analogue photography – Whattaroll magazine.

During last twenty years, film photography was discriminated by better and better developing digital photography. Now the situation has changed and photographers found out there are effects and resolutions impossible to achieve with digital photography. Analogue photography became a brand, a way to success. Photographs taken on film started to be more valuable than digital because they guarantee high technical skills of the photographer.

We are witnesses of a film photography revival. More and more photographers start to shoot analogue these days. Many films are produced again and a demand for analogue cameras gets higher every year. Like all passions, photographers need to have their own media – communities, forums, magazines, conventions.

A lot of online meeting spaces for analogue photographers appeared, and we want to be a refreshing window to showcase and promote all the beauty we know you can produce!