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A photography magazine is a work of art, so we feel great responsibility in choosing the photos for every issue, like curators of exhibits in a museum. We are always on the lookout for fresh perspectives, unexplored places, and untold stories captured on film. We also seek new talents, upcoming artists, and budding film photographers whose interesting and exceptional work the world deserves to learn about.

Want to take the plunge and showcase your work?


Each submission must be shot on film (no digital shots!). Each photo must have a hi-res version, at least 300 dpi, available upon request. Include a title, the camera and film used for each photo you submit.
You may submit up to 5 images, in JPEG format via:

  1. Flickr group
  2. or by email : whattaroll@gmail.com

Editorial call for submissions – Origins

Mikah Manansala

Picture by Mikah Manansala

It’s been more than two years since we started treading on the exciting path of creating a 100% film photography magazine from scratch. We have worked hard and full of passion, using every bit of our free time to make it possible. We have discovered amazing artists, we’ve been seduced by beautiful works we saw, and we’ve shared this emotional journey with many of you.

This why we are delighted to share this thrilling news. We are going to be on print! We found the most supportive sponsors (we will let you know more about this soon because we’re sure you will fall in love with them too) and through our partnership with them, the art shared with us will become tangible and the connection with our readers will grow stronger.

We carefully thought about the orientation necessary for ISSUE 0, and we came to the idea of having a closer look to our beginnings. Our theme would therefore be Origins and be about going back to basics — mostly, going back to black and white, as this was how photography began its own road. For this, we want our readers to revisit their own works and share with us their best black and white film photography masterpieces.
Those whose pictures get selected for our first printed issue will receive a free copy and a surprisepresent that will help them pursue their passion a little further.

Photo Essays, Series, and Projects in Film:

We’re always looking for the most interesting film photography works out there, so we would be thrilled to see what you’ve got. Send us at least 5 hi-res photos from your series, along with the title of your photo essay/series/project, a short write-up/description about you and your work, and your website/portfolio links.

Please do put “Submission: Film Photography Work” in the subject line of your e-mail!


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