Residents of Bukittinggi Urged to Stay Calm After Synthetic Rice Discovery

The Municipal Government of Bukittinggi in West Sumatra advises locals not to panic after synthetic rice was found. Authorities warn against eating plastic rice. Erman Safar, mayor of Bukittinggi, tells citizens that the municipal government is collaborating with necessary authorities and will swiftly provide new information.

Officially, Mayor Erman Safar said, “We are aware of Bukittinggi synthetic rice reports. We advise our community to stay calm and cautious. Our top goal is your safety.”

Synthetic Rice Warning in Bukittinggi

According to Erman Safar, residents should avoid buying cheap rice from unofficial sources and instead buy from trusted and subscribed sources. He warns homeowners that fake rice may harm them.

“Your health matters most. When buying food, emphasize safety over cost. Do not risk your health for cheap rice “Mayor Erman Safar said.

Active Participation, Reporting

Erman Safar encourages citizens to report suspicious rice findings to ensure their safety and well-being. Residents should report rice with strange look, quick deterioration, or other issues to the Department of Agriculture and Food in Bukittinggi or their local sub-district offices.

Mayor Erman Safar said, “We have incident reporting mechanisms. If you find suspicious rice, please contact us. Your reports are essential to our community protection operations.”

Possible Fake Rice Found

A concerned Campago Ipuh resident reported suspected phony rice in Bukittinggi. Dessi (30), a resident, complained about the rice’s peculiar whiteness, hardening, and spoiling.

Dessi described her experience: “The rice was too white, hardened quickly, and ruined quickly. I got throat inflammation, disorientation, and a two-week fever after eating this probable synthetic rice.”

Bukittinggi Citizen Health Issues

Dessi’s health issues worried her neighbors and community. These reports prompted urgent response by authorities. The cops thoroughly examined the rice and planned laboratory testing to verify its validity.

These cases are being taken seriously by the municipal authorities and law enforcement. Erman Safar advises residents to report any suspicious synthetic rice intake to protect their health.

The health and safety of our residents is paramount. “We’re investigating to protect our community,” said Mayor Erman Safar.

Focus on Safety

The Municipal Government of Bukittinggi’s proactive approach and citizen cooperation aim to solve the problem. The emphasis on laboratory testing shows their commitment to resident safety and well-being in Bukittinggi’s worrisome synthetic rice revelation.

Mayor Erman Safar says, “We are investigating this problem and will update our community. Please be careful, report unusual rice, and put your health and safety first.”



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