The Aamon Annihilation: 3 Heroes to Take Him Down!

Aamon, the brother of Gusion in Mobile Legends, is a real menace on the battlefield. He’s got this crazy power to zap enemies in the blink of an eye with his ultimate skill, Endless Shards. But guess what? We’ve cracked the code on how to counter this dude! Let’s dive into the world of Mobile Legends and discover the 3 heroes that can give Aamon a run for his shards!

Aamon Sneaky Moves

So, Aamon is like a shadow, super sneaky and deadly. Unlike his bro Gusion, who has this crazy combo, Aamon can just burst down enemies in a snap with his Endless Shards. Plus, he’s got this cool trick called Invisible Armor. It lets him go into camouflage mode where he can’t be targeted, regains health, speeds up, and gets stronger basic attacks. Oh, and his Soul Shards and Slayer Shards? They’re like magic daggers that deal heavy damage and make his tricky Invisible Armor even more annoying!

But Wait, We’ve Got the Heroes!

Now, here’s the deal: Aamon might seem all cool and unstoppable in Mobile Legends, but there are heroes out there who can give him a real headache. These heroes have spells that hit the ground and crowd controls that mess up his sneaky plans. Let’s meet them!

1. Franco – The Hook Master

Meet Franco, the Hook Master! This dude has a crazy hook that can grab Aamon from a distance and bring him right into the middle of the action. Imagine Aamon trying to sneak around, and bam! Franco’s hook grabs him like a fishing pro. Aamon won’t know what hit him, and his sneaky plans will be in ruins!

2. Pharsa – The Sky Dominator

Next up, we’ve got Pharsa, the Sky Dominator! She’s got this awesome ability to drop spells from the sky, and guess what? Aamon can’t hide from the sky! Pharsa’s spells hit the ground, and her ultimate, Feathered Airstrike, is like a sky bomb that Aamon can’t escape. It’s like Pharsa saying, “Nice try with the Invisible Armor, but my spells see through your tricks!”

3. Kaja – The Lightning Lord

Last but not least, we’ve got Kaja, the Lightning Lord! Kaja has this amazing¬†ability, Divine Judgment, that lets him grab Aamon and bring him down to the ground. No more sneaky hiding or running away. Kaja’s lightning power will make these hero wish he never tried to be all invisible and tricky!

Strategy for Victory

Now, here’s the secret sauce: When facing Aamon, team up with heroes like Franco, Pharsa, or Kaja. Coordinate your moves, catch him off guard, and disrupt his sneaky plans. Use crowd control spells to keep him in check, and watch as these hero goes from a deadly shadow to a defeated foe.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! So, gather your pals, pick the right heroes, and let’s give Aamon a taste of defeat in Mobile Legends.


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